Deadline Tracking


The competitive nature of today’s world requires that you manage all aspects of your business. This includes managing notice, lien, bond claim, foreclosure and suit against bond time frames. How you track these deadlines will determine if you’re maximizing the utilization of your resources.

MLBS can track your deadlines prior to requesting a notice or lien though the MLBS Tracking Service. If the Tracking Service is requested in a state that requires a Notice to Owner, 45 days from first furnishing or less, MLBS will set a next action email reminder for the “NACM Produced NTO (Notice to Owner)” the next day. Simply edit the service type the next day to “NACM Produced NTO” for us to serve your notice. When put in the right hands, this type of resource improves your ability to manage the entire construction lien process. Under the MLBS Tracking Service, we’ll take care of states and dates and notify you when action needs to be taken; your time is free to improve the level of service you provide to your internal and external customers.    

Tracking Service Fee: $20 per project

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